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QR Code Use “In the Wild” – Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC – Raleigh has several novel ongoing programs using QR codes.

Technology Tank has reported on QR Code usage in prior articles (QR for Quick Response):

What makes QR codes so powerful is that after you scan them with a mobile device, you are directed to websites, information pages, videos, etc. All these sites give you a wealth of information about the history and the story of what you are looking at. Gone is the box of wilted flyers that cram many small summaries onto a page. You can now explore at the level of information you find interesting.

On May 1, the latest QR rollout is part of the Seat of Honor commemorative program which honors men and women who have contributed to the state while working at the State Capitol. As the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources site states:

“When is a bench more than a bench? When it has a barcode that teaches visitors about North Carolina history.”

The State Capitol will unveil the new QR barcode program and host a bench dedication at a public ceremony on Wednesday, May 1, at 10 a.m.

The other QR programs in Raleigh are:

  • Q-Art Code Project – The City of Raleigh Arts Commission has partnered with the students and staff of the NC State College of Design Advanced Media Lab to create a mobile media showcase of 12 public artworks in the City’s public art collection. QR Codes and descriptions are placed at the location of each of the sculptures. Viewers can simply take a picture of the code with their smartphone (and QRcode app) to see a short video/animation that helps explain the artwork, the artist and its historical context.
  • Walk Raleigh – Walk [Your City]™ grew out of Walk Raleigh, one of the fastest spreading DIY solutions in the country, coined guerilla wayfinding by The Atlantic. Walk Raleigh started as a simple, unauthorized installation consisting of 27 plastic signs in downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh is putting QR codes to good use. Where can you place QR codes that will enhance citizen engagement in your municipality?

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