Open Data Portals in the Triangle 2015

The Triangle is Ground Zero for Open Data

Research Triangle, NC – A recent article in the Triangle Business Journal suggests that the Triangle has become ground zero for the competition of fiber competitors (see Former FCC exec: North Carolina could be ‘ground zero’ in fiber competition) . Triangle Open Data Day 2015 may witness the beginnings of ‘ground zero’ for the open data portal competitors.


About Socrata – The Data Experience Company

Socrata helps public sector organizations improve transparency, citizen service, and data-driven decision-making. Our user-friendly solutions deliver data to governments trying to reduce costs, to citizens who want to understand how their tax dollars are used, and to civic hackers dedicated to creating new apps and improving services.

Raleigh has been using Socrata for their open data portal since the launch of Open Raleigh in March 2013. Many domestic municipal open data portals have used Socrata since the beginning of the open data movement.

Socrata was a sponsor of Triangle Open Data Day 2014 and is providing a brigade open data portal for Triangle Open Data Day 2015.


About OpenDataSoft

OpenDataSoft is a Cloud-based turnkey platform designed for smart and easy transformation of all types of data into innovative services. Its mission: make it easier for business users to publish, share and reuse data.

Durham City and Durham County have just announced that they have chosen OpenDataSoft for the open data portal to support their new open data program. OpenDataSoft is currently participating in the Open Data Institute startup incubation program.

OpenDataSoft is a sponsor of Triangle Open Data Day 2015.


About ESRI ArcGIS Open Data

Over a million people choose ArcGIS to manage data and analyze information to make decisions that drive their daily operations. ArcGIS Open Data provides organizations around the world the ability to share their authoritative data in multiple open formats, so that it can be discovered by scientists, students, businesses, journalists, and citizens.

Wake County is discussing launching their beta open data portal soon with ESRI ArcGIS Open Data and Cary is also rumored to be looking towards ESRI for their upcoming open data portal.

Triangle as Ground Zero

The Open Data Institute of North Carolina (The ODI NC) also located in the Triangle has the goal of developing North Carolina as the largest interoperable data market in the country if not the world. It will be interesting to see how the different local municipalities work to form interoperable data sets with the different choices they have made for their portals. The great news for the Triangle is that our market will be a testing ground for best practices and functionality of all the commercially available portals.

It will be interesting to see what the Triangle’s open data portal landscape looks like at Triangle Open Data Day 2016!

Disclosure – The writer is the CEO of the ODI NC and a Registered ODI Trainer.

Triangle Startup Weekend and Triangle Open Data Day - Feb 20-22

Feb 20-22: Busy Triangle Tech Weekend

Raleigh, NC – The weekend of February 20-22nd is a busy day of tech and civic involvement in the Triangle. 2 major events are going on just a few buildings away from each other on the NCSU Centennial Campus:

  • Triangle Startup Weekend EDU – Hunt Library
  • Triangle Open Data Day – Engineering Building II

Triangle Startup Weekend EDU

  • What: Triangle Startup Weekend EDU
  • When: Friday, February 20, 2015 at 6:30 PM – Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 9:30 PM (EST)
  • Where: James B. Hunt Jr. Library, 1070 Partners Way, Raleigh, NC 27606
  • Why: Have you ever had an idea for improving education? Here’s your opportunity to transform your education ideas into action in 54 hours. Find the right people with complimentary skills & the passion & dedication to build a startup quick & smart. Test your idea with real potential customers, receive coaching from experienced education entrepreneurs & industry professionals, and win prizes that will help you take your startup idea to the next level of execution!
  • Focus: Education
  • Registration Site

Triangle Open Data Day

  • What: Triangle Open Data Day
  • When: Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM – Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 6:00 PM (EST)
  • Where: College of Engineering, Engineering Building II, NCSU Centennial Campus, Raleigh, NC 27606
  • Why: Triangle Open Data Day 2015 is a gathering of citizens in the Triangle to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments.
  • Focus: Health, Safety & Justice and Economic Development
  • Registration Site
CodeAcross 2015 Banner

CodeAcross at Triangle Open Data Day

Raleigh, NC – During Triangle Open Data Day (TODD) we will also be participating in the Code for America CodeAcross 2015 event. If you cannot find an open data project to work on that interests you, please find one of the Brigade Captains and work on one of the 4 challenges for CodeAcross 2015.

CodeAcross 2015 Challenges

CodeAcross 2015 in the Triangle

Triangle Code for America Brigades

Code for Raleigh Brigade Captains:

Code for Durham Brigade Captains:

Code for Cary Brigade Captains:

  • Robert Campbell
  • Ian Henshaw
  • For more information about the local brigades read the Tech Tank article Code for America in NC 2015

    This post originally appeared on the Triangle Open Data Day Site

    Durham Announces Open Data

    Durham Announces Open Data

    Durham, NC – The City and County of Durham, NC announced today the hiring of Open Data Consultant, Jason Hare. Jason is the Director of Open Data at BaleFire Global and has been managing Raleigh’s award-winning open data initiative since it started in September 2012.

    Open Data in Durham

    The journey towards open data for Durham started in early 2013 or shortly before. [The writer attended one of the earliest meetings between Durham civic tech activists, Andy Krzmarzick and Colin Copeland (Code for Durham Brigade Captains) and Durham City and County IT employees in April 2013 at Bull City Burgers.] In Durham, the drive for open data started at a staff level and then rose to the elected official level as the program evolved. Much thought and effort has gone into developing the framework for a successful and sustainable open data program in Durham.

    A unique characteristic of the the open data efforts for Durham is a partnership between the City and County. Both jurisdictions have released the same policy and action at the same time and will run a joint program for the benefit of the citizens, businesses and government of Durham. The effort is for a joint work plan and project framework building toward a projected website launch date of summer 2015.

    Jason’s experience is important in helping us realize an Open Data effort that directly benefits our citizens and surrounding communities. Sustainability is paramount, and this will be enabled by doing everything we can to empower the communities through rich data and high usability. – Greg Marrow, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology Department, Durham County

    Who is Jason Hare?

    Jason Hare is passionate about open data and has worked tirelessly in municipal, state, national and international efforts to open government data. From Raleigh to Newark, Colorado to North Carolina, to Puerto Rico, Ireland, Colombia and beyond, Jason has campaigned for data usability and citizen engagement with “data as infrastructure”. For the past two and a half years Jason Hare has been the Open Data Program Manager for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina as a consultant.

    In 2013 Jason Hare was the primary organizer for NC DataPalooza. In 2013 he became an Open Data Institute (ODI) Member and founded an ODI Node in North Carolina. In 2014 he was made a member of the US Civil Society Organization’s Open Data Working Group for the Open Government Partnership Delegation. He has been interviewed and cited dozens of times for his philosophy on what open data means and the direction open data will go. Primary interests include user experience design, data driven design, open data, open data advocacy, service oriented architecture, data analysis, government services as a platform, analytic-driven portal interface design, e-government acculturation, citizen engagement, open source platforms and government transparency.

    Previous Articles on Durham Open Data or BaleFire Global

    Triangle Open Data Day 2015

    Triangle Open Data Day 2015 Update

    Raleigh, NC – What a change a couple of weeks brings after registration for Triangle Open Data Day (TODD) was announced. We are now at 44% of the registration capacity and ticket sales are still going strong.

    Here is what the distribution of registration types looks like right now (remember that these are self-selected categories):
    Triangle Open Data Day 2015 Registration

    Themes for TODD 2015

    We will be matching the Code for America themes this year at our hackathon. These themes are:

    • Health
    • Economic Development
    • Safety & Justice

    All civic and open data events this year in the Triangle will be using these same 3 themes, so you can get support and move your idea along at several different events:

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    ODI Registered Trainer Mark

    Registered ODI Trainer in NC

    Cary, NC – There is now an Open Data Institute (ODI) registered trainer in North Carolina. Ian Henshaw from The Open Data Institute of North Carolina (ODI-NC) was recently recognized and provided with the ODI Registered Trainer mark.

    About ODI Training

    The ODI offers the most comprehensive open data training in the world. Our interactive and practical courses are delivered by experts with significant experience working with open data.

    Most of the ODI training classes are held in London, but the ODI-NC is building a training program to support the US market with courses that have been adapted to suit the legal and practical issues in America.

    About the ODI

    The ODI was cofounded by the creator of the Web and overall Director of the W3C, Tim Berners-Lee. Sir Tim has stated that “Open data and a change of mindset is the next step in the internet revolution.”

    The Open Data Institute is catalysing the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value. It helps unlock supply, generates demand, creates and disseminates knowledge to address local and global issues.

    We convene world-class experts to collaborate, incubate, nurture and mentor new ideas, and promote innovation. We enable anyone to learn and engage with open data, and empower our teams to help others through professional coaching and mentoring.

    ODI Registered Trainer - Ian Henshaw

    Town of Cary Technology Task Force Report

    Cary Technology Task Force Recommends

    Cary, NC – In July of 2012, the Town of Cary commissioned the Technology Task Force (TTF) to study technology and engagement for the town. Over a four month period, the nine members of the original task force studied a wide scope of questions including municipal websites, mobile applications, social media, open data, video, Cary as a community tech hub, legal issues and sustainability.

    The final report for the TTF was delivered in December of 2012. The report is no longer found on the Town Website, so we thought it beneficial to list the summary recommendations and then ask the reader if these recommendations are still valid.

    TTF Overarching Policy Recommendations

    1. The Town should give the same care and attention to planning and implementation of our virtual properties as the Town spends on its physical properties.
    2. Adopt an Open Data and a Public API Policy
      • Critical to support “Cary is a Community Technology Hub”
      • Will allow for independent Mobile application development
    3. Make Cary a “Community Driven” Technology Hub
    4. [Vision:] Cary actively supports Technology User Groups, Hack-a-Thons, School Technology Partnerships, Code for America Brigades, etc.

      • Make Cary a location of choice for people moving into the Triangle area who are taking technology positions.
      • Will attract highly-skilled technology professionals
        • More affluent and active demographic
        • Could help balance the aging population demographic trend
      • User Groups can provide the Town advice on Technology implementation and sustainability.
      • Will have a positive influence on the development of mobile and other apps in the Town.
      • Will support Economic Development in the Town
      • Will support and promote Technology Education in the Town
    5. Promote Citizen Engagement
      • 2-Way Communication Policy
      • More people involved in the community
      • Town gains an on-going feedback mechanism
      • Claim the Town’s social media properties
    6. Develop Generation 6 Website (or Websites)
      • Integrate with Social Media Channels
      • Incorporate open data and mobile responsiveness
    7. Develop an official, simple mobile application to gain experience developing and deploying mobile applications
    8. Re-envision the Video Production Department
    9. Provide Leadership for Technology Related Legislative Issues
      • Protect our citizens from new age threats to their privacy and security.
      • Use Technology to enhance citizen participation in the decision-making process.
      • Allow us communication methods with our youth that are not public record.
    10. Encourage Partners to Adopt Parking Lot Items
      • Technology Education
      • Economic Development
    Triangle Open Data Day - Picture by Reid Serozi

    Triangle Open Data Day 2015

    Raleigh, NC – Registration for Triangle Open Data Day 2015 (TODD) is open and tickets are going fast. We sold out last year and are expecting another sell-out crowd this year. We will be in the same location as last year at the Engineering Building II on Centennial Campus which proved to be a great place to hold the event.

    Triangle Open Data Day LogoThis year we will be putting more focus on the hackathon and will be identifying mentors that can help you start and rapidly progress on an open data project of your own interest. We are looking for mentors with programming, start-ups, data analysis and open data skills to help us out at the event.

    For some of you this is a warm up for the NC Datapalooza competition to be held later in the year, so come out and figure out what sort of winning project you can start working on for that competition.

    Our keynote speakers are the Durham CIO team of Kerry Goode and Greg Marrow who will be informing us of the different direction that Durham is taking over many other US cities in their upcoming open data program.

    This year you will also be able to interact with the Open Data Institute of North Carolina (ODI NC), the local affiliate of the Open Data Institute co-founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the Web and the overall director of the W3C. Sir Tim states that “Open data and a change of mindset is the next step in the internet revolution”.

    The Triangle Code for America Brigades will also be participating in CodeAcross during TODD 2015.

    TODD 2015 Details

    • What: Triangle Open Data Day 2015
    • Where: NCSU Engineering Building II on Centennial Campus, 890 Oval Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606
    • When: Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 9:00 AM – Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 6:00 PM (EST)
    • Why: A gathering of citizens in the Triangle to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments.
    • Registration Site

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    Code for America Logo

    Code for America in NC 2015

    Research Triangle, NC – 2014 was a very busy year in NC for the Code for America Brigades. In 2015, NC will continue to have a large percentage of the Code for America activities in the US.

    NC Cities with Code for America Brigades 

    Check out the brigade websites to see all of the cool projects that are being worked on. The best thing is that the projects are all open source and open data so they can be reused in other cities or expanded to regional efforts.

    In the Triangle, the brigades take turns hosting big hack events including Triangle Open Data Day, CityCamp NC and Hack Duke while also supporting many other events during the year.

    What is Code for America?

    Code for America is a 501(c)3 non-profit that envisions a government by the people, for the people, that works in the 21st century.

    Our programs change how we participate in government by:

    • connecting citizens and governments to design better services,
    • encouraging low-risk settings for innovation; and,
    • supporting a competitive civic tech marketplace.

    What is a Code for America Brigade?

    The Brigade network is an ongoing effort to deploy, maintain and sustain civic technology and open data infrastructures. Each Brigade is comprised of local volunteers and government employees who connect for regular hack nights, discussions and app development.

    How Do I Get Involved?

    Code for America is an open group and all can join. We need a diverse voice to be effective. Please join your local Meetup Group:

    If you don’t live in any of these areas, please contact Ian Henshaw, Brigade Captain for Code for Cary and Managing Partner of Tech Tank, and he will get you connected!

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    2014 Top Ten Image

    Tech Tank Top 10 for 2014

    Cary, NC – 2014 was a good year for Technology activity in NC and the Triangle. The pages and regular features from Technology Tank that you found most helpful were our listing of Tech Meetup Groups in the Triangle and Charlotte, the monthly lists of Upcoming Tech Events and our Tech Calendar. [Note, please contact us if you find any errors or omissions on our Tech Meetup Group lists.]

    Tech Tank Top 10 Articles

    Here are the Top 10 Tech Tank articles based on your views:

    1. Hortonworks launches in Durham. Tech Tank interview with with Barry Duplantis, Hortonworks new Vice President of Customer Success to discuss his move to Hortonworks and the decision to launch operations in the Triangle.
    2. Raleigh – Emerging Tech Hub. Raleigh included in a TransferWise blog list of the 8 emerging tech hubs.
    3. Oakhaven Coworking. A project of Tech Tank, Oakhaven Coworking follows the success of American Underground, HQ Raleigh and others by bringing a coworking space to suburban Cary.
    4. How Libya’s Election Process is Better than the United States’s. NC based Caktus Group developed the technology that registered 1.5 million voters for Libya’s June 25th elections.
    5. Triangle Open Data Day Recap. We were told that Triangle Open Data Day was the biggest Open Data event in the world!
    6. Morrisville StartUp Networking. The Morrisville Innovation Foundation periodic networking event.
    7. Triangle Open Data Day. An initiative of Tech Tank, Triangle Open Data Day unites developers, data analysts, civic leaders, students and activists in a weekend of learning, liberating data and building applications to display useful information.
    8. Code for America Brigade. The idea behind Code for America (CfA) is “hacking for public good” – developing civic apps that can be used across municipalities in America.
    9. LIVES – Open Data Standard. Wake County is one of four early adopters of the LIVES data standard – an open data standard which allows municipalities to publish restaurant inspection information that can be consumed by apps like Yelp.
    10. The Open Data Institute Comes to NC. The Open Data Institute founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee has a node in North Carolina – the Open Data Institute of North Carolina (ODI NC).

    Picture from iabusa under Creative Commons