Center for Digital Government (CDG) Digital Cities and Digital Counties Surveys

NC Counties 2013 Rank in Digital Counties

Wake County, NC –

Each year the Center for Digital Government (CDG) conducts the Digital Cities and Digital Counties Surveys to chronicle and rank local governments’ use of digital technology to streamline operations and improve service to constituents. The 2012 surveys found that although cities and counties are making great strides in information technology to support areas like economic development and constituent engagement, weaknesses still remain that are ripe for innovation. This Best Practice Guide helps address some of these weaknesses by highlighting the best practices displayed by cities and counties that are managing to move the needle and innovate.

The Center for Digital Government‘s Digital Counties Survey is conducted in partnership with the National Association of Counties (NACo) annually in the spring: March – April. All U.S. counties are invited to participate.

Congratulations to the 2013 Digital Counties Survey Winners!

500,000 or more population category:

150,000-249,999 population category:

Less than 150,000 population category:

Congratulations to all the NC Counties that placed in the Digital Counties Survey ranking!