Youth Leadership Cary - Bonus from Technology Tank

Are Business Cards Dead?

Cary, NC – On Friday of last week, I had the opportunity to see the end of the Cary Chamber of Commerce ‘Youth Leadership Cary’ graduation at The Cary. 40 exceptional young men and women had successfully completed the program and had obviously impressed the adults leading this course.

The leader of the event encouraged the students to use this experience as the start of their professional network. My question during the social after the program was “So do all the students now have Linked-In profiles?” Questions had to be asked of the students to see if they knew about Linked-In and if they had profiles, and the answer was ‘no’…

If you are mentoring a Junior or Senior in high school or any college student, they all should have Linked-In profiles now!

Here is the Technology Tank / Cary Innovation Center ‘bonus session’ for the students who were in the Youth Leadership Cary program. I sent this through the chamber to the high school counselors for these 40 students, but many, many more need this advice so please pass it along.

Make Your Linked-In Profile Now!

Linked-In is an invaluable professional networking and contact management tool. Build your profile now and keep adding to it as you progress in your careers.

This is your professional persona, so think school picture, not those fun beach pictures. You are young, so update your picture every few years so that people are not surprised when they meet you (you are still aging quickly). Don’t post jokes, what you ate for lunch or stray thoughts – FaceBook is the place for all that stuff.

Build your resume and keep it current with all of your accomplishments and work history. Ask for recommendations as you go (you don’t have to make them public if you don’t want to…) People search Linked-In all the time and you may be presented with opportunities you never would know about otherwise.

Link to all of the people you have met in this program and keep building your network as you go. Business cards are very important, but by the time you are out of school, there is a high likelihood that most of the people you have met are now working for a different company and so that card is obsolete.

When you make a connection request, always remind the person how you met. No blank connection requests!

Create your Linked-In profile now and make sure you keep your profile up to date. Use the smoke detector battery rule at a minimum, ie. update your profile when the hour changes.

What Do You Think?

We are always interested in best-in-class Technology advice. Please let us know if you think I’m off base or if there is a newer and better way. Cheers!

Disclosure: Linked-In profile of the writer.

Featured image Public Domain from the Town of Cary


Google & Multiple Personalities

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Imagine Cary project image

Cary Adopts Powerful Citizen Engagement Tool

Cary, NC – As part of the $909,000, 3-year Imagine Cary process, the Town of Cary has adopted Mind Mixer to collect citizen input from citizens who could not attend the ‘Summit on the Future’ or any of the 5 ‘Area Conversations’ (Press Release).

While will debut with the Imagine Cary project, the Town of Cary plans to use the tool to garner feedback on other larger-scale initiatives. The Town will pay $6,000 annually to maintain the site.

The first recommendation in the Citizen Engagement section of the final report of the Technology Task Force (TTF) was: ‘Evaluating community engagement tools such as MindMixer’ (ref p. 36 of 239).  The TTF and Technology Tank supports the Town of Cary in adopting Mind Mixer.

What do you think about municipalities using tools like Mind Mixer?

What do you think about the ‘bang for the buck’ of $6,000 annually to maintain this new citizen engagement site?

Town of Cary logo

Technology in Action

Cary, NC – Technology in action.  A view from a Town Council meeting in Cary, NC.  A 3-part play.

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Cary, NC – Municipalities spend millions of dollars to build Parks and Recreation facilities.  Much time and effort is also spent in developing programming and then in advertising the programs.  With the explosion of mobile, social media and on-line search your citizens are now increasingly searching for information and activities with the major search engines, Google and Bing.

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