QR Code

QR Codes – Best Practices

Cary, NC – With the ubiquitous mobile devices we now carry comes a very popular way of getting content – the QR code; short for Quick Response. We are seeing QR codes everywhere, but is it safe to image just any QR code you come across? The answer is NO.

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Are you Maximizing your Parks & Rec Investments?

Story by Managing Partner Ian Henshaw. 

Cary, NC – Municipalities spend millions of dollars to build Parks and Recreation facilities.  Much time and effort is also spent in developing programming and then in advertising the programs.  With the explosion of mobile, social media and on-line search your citizens are now increasingly searching for information and activities with the major search engines, Google and Bing.

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What’s a QR Code?

Story by Managing Partner Hal Goodtree. First published on CaryCitizen.com.

Cary, NC – Ever see those little boxes with a bunch of jaggy patterns in them? They’re called QR codes and they connect the world of print to the internet. Read more