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Cary Adopts Powerful Citizen Engagement Tool

Cary, NC – As part of the $909,000, 3-year Imagine Cary process, the Town of Cary has adopted Mind Mixer to collect citizen input from citizens who could not attend the ‘Summit on the Future’ or any of the 5 ‘Area Conversations’ (Press Release).

While will debut with the Imagine Cary project, the Town of Cary plans to use the tool to garner feedback on other larger-scale initiatives. The Town will pay $6,000 annually to maintain the site.

The first recommendation in the Citizen Engagement section of the final report of the Technology Task Force (TTF) was: ‘Evaluating community engagement tools such as MindMixer’ (ref p. 36 of 239).  The TTF and Technology Tank supports the Town of Cary in adopting Mind Mixer.

What do you think about municipalities using tools like Mind Mixer?

What do you think about the ‘bang for the buck’ of $6,000 annually to maintain this new citizen engagement site?