Midnight Lunch Lab by Bi-Link

Midnight Lunch Comes to the Triangle

Morrisville, NC – Technology Tank has partnered with Bi-Link and Sarah Miller Caldicott to bring Midnight Lunch™ to the Triangle. On Friday, June 5th, a group of CEO’s and area catalysts listened to a presentation about Midnight Lunch. Sarah explained the Midnight Lunch process while our guests munched on some good food provided by Tra’Li Irish Pub.
Midnight Lunch Lab Group

What is Midnight Lunch?

Midnight Lunch is a distillation of Edison’s innovation model developed by Sarah Miller Caldicott, great grandniece of Thomas Edison and an innovation process expert.

Thomas Edison worked with small teams in intensive 5-hour collaborations after hours that came to be known as midnight lunch sessions. The new Raleigh Midnight Lunch™ Lab draws upon the same intensive 5-hour approach that Edison used with his teams, allowing today’s knowledge workers to deepen their collaboration skills.

Project teams have shaved months off their timetables using the Midnight Lunch collaboration process, propelling the type of disruptive thinking that is crucial in today’s market environment!

Edison’s Midnight Lunch approach offers a unique context for problem-solving, including Analogical thinking, Needs statements, development of a Master question, and Hypothesis statements. Together, Edison’s 5-hour Midnight Lunch process offers a distinct pattern – a distinct approach – for synthesizing significant amounts of data and insight in a short time frame.

Clients using the Midnight Lunch protocol experience as much as 10 times the speed/efficiency of their normal pace, while also gaining new learning and new insight – not just rehashing facts. The process yields powerful engagement that creates momentum, urgency, and visibility while ensuring relevant needs are being addressed.

Initiating a Midnight Lunch includes business challenge selection, attendee selection, and brief pre-work associated with each session. A virtual capability also exists to tie in remote employees if needed. A report for each session captures all input digitally and is shared with each client within 48 hours. All sessions are led by a certified Midnight Lunch facilitator.

Bi-Link and the Hardware Store

Ray Ziganto, President of Bi-Link described how Midnight Lunch has allowed Bi-Link to transform their 53 year old business. Soon after the economic downturn in 2009, Bi-Link realized that their market had changed dramatically. While they had lots of ideas and energy on how to respond to this market change, they had no direction. After discussions with many consultants, they found Sarah Miller Caldicott and participated in their first Midnight Lunch.

The Hardware Store in Morrisville, and another Hardware Store soon to be opened in San Diego, were the result of this Midnight Lunch; a ‘third space’ to get closer to their customers and provide value in the initial stages of product design. Ray also wanted a way to be able to provide for their innovation to spin off the same value for others, which is why they located a Midnight Lunch™ Lab in their Hardware Store. In fact, Bi-Link has now gone through Midnight Lunch 4 times solving different issues where they need to take focused action.

Midnight Lunch Lab

Left to Right – Scott Doron, Assistant Director, North Carolina Department of Commerce, Steve Rao, Council Member Town of Morrisville, Sarah Miller Caldicott, CEO, Power Patterns of Innovation, Ray Ziganto, President , Bi-Link, Ian Henshaw, Managing Partner, Technology Tank

The Midnight Lunch Lab

The Midnight Lunch Lab is located in the Hardware Sore by Bi-Link in Morrisville. The lab is available to facilitate those who would like to participate in a Midnight Lunch in the Triangle. Please contact either Ian Henshaw or Sarah Miller Caldicott for more information about how Edison’s 5-hour Midnight Lunch process can transform your team’s innovation outcomes.

We will run another information session when Sarah is back in the area, so let us know if you would like to attend the next Midnight Lunch preview.