Google Fiber Coming to NC

Google Fiber in the Triangle

Morrisville, NC – Last night I attended a TiE event focused on Google Fiber. Morrisville Town Council Member Steve Rao introduced the program and led a Q&A session with J. Erik Garr, Head of Operations for Google Fiber in the Triangle.

Why is Google Fiber Important?

The first question from Steve was from his father, “Why is Google Fiber important for me?”. Erik replied that when you are on a high speed network, all of the communication tools get better, whether or not they are supplied by Google. So Skype, Hangouts and the like become much more reliable. Google Fiber’s importance for a senior is to be able to have a great conversation with their grand kids over high definition video. An example of the high video quality and audio fidelity was a collaborative concert performed by musicians located in Kansas City, Austin and Provo.

From the first time that Google solicited bids for a Goggle network, they knew there were many issues people had with their network connections. ~1,100 applications were received in that first round where Kansas City ultimately became the first Google Fiber City. All that demand pointed to a need for better networks.

The fact that Google has entered the market as a new option will help improve all networks. Competition is a great motivator to provide better service and will also lead to many innovations. The end goal that Erik sees for development of Fiber networks in the area is that the network will become better and better and no one will be talking about it anymore.
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When Will I Get Google Fiber?

Erik Garr is happy to take this question as many times as you want to ask. The answer is that there is still too much to do to be able to project when anyone will get Google Fiber. Google has no existing infrastructure in the Triangle and will first have to build a backbone before they begin to hook anyone up. Only once the first ring has been completed and lit will any connections be able to be made.

Right now, the activity has been to file permits or preliminary permits for the Fiber Hut locations. Google wants to be a good citizen and does not want to push our municipalities into a new process to get their network built. Hopefully the preparation for all the permit activity for the Google Fiber network will make the permitting process easier for everyone that is building in the Triangle. Look for Google permit activity to come soon to your Town or City council.

Can Businesses Get Google Fiber?

Google has an offering for businesses, but really for entrepreneurs with small offices. Google is not building a network to support companies like SAS Institute. Go to the Google Fiber Website for more information

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