Open Data Portals in the Triangle 2015

The Triangle is Ground Zero for Open Data

Research Triangle, NC – A recent article in the Triangle Business Journal suggests that the Triangle has become ground zero for the competition of fiber competitors (see Former FCC exec: North Carolina could be ‘ground zero’ in fiber competition) . Triangle Open Data Day 2015 may witness the beginnings of ‘ground zero’ for the open data portal competitors.


About Socrata – The Data Experience Company

Socrata helps public sector organizations improve transparency, citizen service, and data-driven decision-making. Our user-friendly solutions deliver data to governments trying to reduce costs, to citizens who want to understand how their tax dollars are used, and to civic hackers dedicated to creating new apps and improving services.

Raleigh has been using Socrata for their open data portal since the launch of Open Raleigh in March 2013. Many domestic municipal open data portals have used Socrata since the beginning of the open data movement.

Socrata was a sponsor of Triangle Open Data Day 2014 and is providing a brigade open data portal for Triangle Open Data Day 2015.


About OpenDataSoft

OpenDataSoft is a Cloud-based turnkey platform designed for smart and easy transformation of all types of data into innovative services. Its mission: make it easier for business users to publish, share and reuse data.

Durham City and Durham County have just announced that they have chosen OpenDataSoft for the open data portal to support their new open data program. OpenDataSoft is currently participating in the Open Data Institute startup incubation program.

OpenDataSoft is a sponsor of Triangle Open Data Day 2015.


About ESRI ArcGIS Open Data

Over a million people choose ArcGIS to manage data and analyze information to make decisions that drive their daily operations. ArcGIS Open Data provides organizations around the world the ability to share their authoritative data in multiple open formats, so that it can be discovered by scientists, students, businesses, journalists, and citizens.

Wake County is discussing launching their beta open data portal soon with ESRI ArcGIS Open Data and Cary is also rumored to be looking towards ESRI for their upcoming open data portal.

Triangle as Ground Zero

The Open Data Institute of North Carolina (The ODI NC) also located in the Triangle has the goal of developing North Carolina as the largest interoperable data market in the country if not the world. It will be interesting to see how the different local municipalities work to form interoperable data sets with the different choices they have made for their portals. The great news for the Triangle is that our market will be a testing ground for best practices and functionality of all the commercially available portals.

It will be interesting to see what the Triangle’s open data portal landscape looks like at Triangle Open Data Day 2016!

Disclosure – The writer is the CEO of the ODI NC and a Registered ODI Trainer.