Durham Announces Open Data

Durham Announces Open Data

Durham, NC – The City and County of Durham, NC announced today the hiring of Open Data Consultant, Jason Hare. Jason is the Director of Open Data at BaleFire Global and has been managing Raleigh’s award-winning open data initiative since it started in September 2012.

Open Data in Durham

The journey towards open data for Durham started in early 2013 or shortly before. [The writer attended one of the earliest meetings between Durham civic tech activists, Andy Krzmarzick and Colin Copeland (Code for Durham Brigade Captains) and Durham City and County IT employees in April 2013 at Bull City Burgers.] In Durham, the drive for open data started at a staff level and then rose to the elected official level as the program evolved. Much thought and effort has gone into developing the framework for a successful and sustainable open data program in Durham.

A unique characteristic of the the open data efforts for Durham is a partnership between the City and County. Both jurisdictions have released the same policy and action at the same time and will run a joint program for the benefit of the citizens, businesses and government of Durham. The effort is for a joint work plan and project framework building toward a projected website launch date of summer 2015.

Jason’s experience is important in helping us realize an Open Data effort that directly benefits our citizens and surrounding communities. Sustainability is paramount, and this will be enabled by doing everything we can to empower the communities through rich data and high usability. – Greg Marrow, Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology Department, Durham County

Who is Jason Hare?

Jason Hare is passionate about open data and has worked tirelessly in municipal, state, national and international efforts to open government data. From Raleigh to Newark, Colorado to North Carolina, to Puerto Rico, Ireland, Colombia and beyond, Jason has campaigned for data usability and citizen engagement with “data as infrastructure”. For the past two and a half years Jason Hare has been the Open Data Program Manager for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina as a consultant.

In 2013 Jason Hare was the primary organizer for NC DataPalooza. In 2013 he became an Open Data Institute (ODI) Member and founded an ODI Node in North Carolina. In 2014 he was made a member of the US Civil Society Organization’s Open Data Working Group for the Open Government Partnership Delegation. He has been interviewed and cited dozens of times for his philosophy on what open data means and the direction open data will go. Primary interests include user experience design, data driven design, open data, open data advocacy, service oriented architecture, data analysis, government services as a platform, analytic-driven portal interface design, e-government acculturation, citizen engagement, open source platforms and government transparency.

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