Code for Raleigh

Code for Raleigh – Jan 2015

Raleigh, NC – Tuesday, January 6, 2015 saw the Raleigh Code for America Brigade (Code for Raleigh) hold one of their biggest hack nights ever – 40 “civic hackers” had signed up on the meetup group. Civic hackers started filtering in to the NC Innovation Center early in anticipation of the nights events.

Code for Raleigh Hack Night

Code for Raleigh PresentationsBrigade Captains, Jason Hibbets and Reid Serozi introduced the program. After the attendees had all introduced themselves there was a round of short presentations of the ongoing projects and pitches for projects that different people wanted to work on. The projects ranged from reuse of existing Code for America (CfA) projects to some really interesting new ideas:

  • Where’s My School Bus (Existing CfA project)
  • NC Connect
  • Flu Shot Finder (Existing CfA project)
  • Real Time Transit Finder
  • Optimized School Bus Routes [Using data from Where’s My School Bus?]
  • Where’s My Treatment
  • Prospect Citizen

Code for Raleigh PresentatonsAfter the presentations, the assembled crowd broke up into groups to discuss and work on the above projects. Much civic goodness will come from this and the subsequent Code for Raleigh Meetings. All these projects and their activity can be found on the Code for Raleigh Website.

Want to Know More?

There are 5 Code for America Brigades in North Carolina. Each of them are undertaking exciting projects that can dramatically change the way that citizens interact with their governments and government services. Look over the Brigade websites. If you like what they are doing, join their meetups, introduce yourself and get involved. You do not have to be a coder as many, many skills are required to make disruptive change through technology adoption.

Details about all 5 NC brigades can be found in the Tech Tank article Code for America in NC 2015.