NC DOT Embraces Tech

NC DOT Embraces Technology

Raleigh, NC – Yesterday I got to try out the prototype for the new NC DOT drivers license renewal kiosk – see the picture above. I was attending a meeting of the Raleigh Code for America Brigade at the NC Innovation Center (iCenter) and noticed the kiosk. I asked Erik Ross, the Chief Digital Officer for the State of North Carolina, who was also attending the meeting about the kiosk and Erik took me through a demonstration of the new Tech.

NC DOT Temporary DL/ID

NC DOT Temporary Drivers License / ID

Renewal Kiosk Process

The process of renewal was very quick and easy with the kiosk. Your drivers license renewal is driven by a touch screen monitor which quickly steps you through the process. A bar code reader takes the information from your old ID and a card swipe takes your payment. When it is time for your new picture, you are directed back to some feet stickers on the floor and a countdown clock lets you get ready. Don’t like the picture and you can take it again. That and the process lasting a couple of minutes will make this an easy adoption for most people.

You get a temporary receipt (see image at right) and wait for your new ID to arrive in the mail. Look for this new technology coming to your area soon!

About the iCenter

On October 10, 2013, Governor McCrory opened the North Carolina Innovation Center to identify challenges, create solutions and transform the way state government delivers products and services. The iCenter is a working lab in downtown Raleigh where state employees, students, agency Chief Information Officers, private industry, and citizens collaborate on information technology solutions.

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  1. Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell says:

    I’d love to say “about time” – but with so many questions in my feeble brain, I’ll start with – GREAT!!
    I hope we can see these sometime soon! As in before December of 2015, just sayin’. I wonder who is watching this henhouse as it grows? I read also that the State Troopers now have a webpage where you can find your car, but only if the Troopers did something with it, no interlink with municipal or county data it seems. With this kiosk, and I’m hopeful it will be done well, getting the license renewed should be no more problematic than renewing the shopping discount card.

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