Wake Robotics Forging the Forge Downtown

Forging The Forge Downtown

Cary, NC – Here is a great opportunity to bring a maker community to the Triangle.

Wake Robotics is undertaking a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Forge Downtown. Wake Robotics is looking to:

Create a collaborative space to excite and engage families in our community in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).

$75,000 Raised, Need $40,000

Wake Robotics has already raised $75,000 towards The Forge Downtown. The $40,000 target of this Kickstarter will close the deal. It will get Wake Robotics into the building for The Forge Downtown. Anything raised beyond the target, will be used towards movable whiteboards, maker supplies and additional tools.

Wake Robotics May 24, 2012

Forging The Forge Downtown Details

Wake Robotics May 24, 2012

Echos of the TTF

in 2012, The Technology Task Force (TTF) advised Cary on how the Town should use Technology to engage with citizens. The TTF final report was rather long, but “Forging The Forge Downtown” would help fulfill 2 of the major TTF recommendations:

  • Make Cary a Community Driven Technology Hub
  • Encourage Partners to Adopt Parking Lot Items: Technology Education

Lets help ‘Forging The Forge Downtown’ to get funded. The ‘Sorrell building’ could get a nice makeover and downtown Cary will get a lot of families coming downtown if this happens. The Val Fox mural might even need to have a robot added…

Pictures and graphics courtesy of Wake Robotics.

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