Meetup Groups in the Triangle

Spring Brings New Meetup Groups

Cary, NC – We have written several posts about the vibrant number of Meetup Groups in the Triangle. This spring brings many new Meetup Groups and several of those are Tech related. Here is a listing of the Tech Meetup Groups that have started since March 1. Hover over the link to see a description of the group.

New Tech Meetup Groups

Why Do You Belong?

Meetup Groups come and go based on the ‘hot product’ or platform of the day. Many build a stable community and continue for some time. What groups do you belong to and why are they important to you?

What is Missing?

What are the products, processes and platforms that do not have a Meetup Group in the Triangle? Which one would you like to start if there were enough like-minded people to get it started?

Past Tech Tank Meetup Articles

Picture by Dennis Crowley