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Maker Weekend Recap

Raleigh, NC – This weekend was the Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition. I attended on Sunday to spread the word through social media and to see what the teams have been up to over the 54 hour weekend. HQ Raleigh was a perfect location to hold the event as 16 teams were able to find various nooks and crannies all over the facility to meet and innovate.

The Maker weekend was run by Sean Newman Maroni of BetaVersity and Lance Cassidy of DX Lab Design.

The Teams

  1. Beer Buoy / Poolzie – The problem is that your beer (or beverage) does not float straight up in water. Demo showed MVP with someone in a pool (in early April, Brrr…)
  2. Where’s My Coupon? – Changing how people find coupons, providing coupons when you need them.
  3. Can Impact – Socially conscious company to provide a product with the proceeds supporting working wells in disadvantaged countries. “1 ‘Can’ in every backpack and boardroom.”
  4. Paparazzi Feeder – A tech packed bird feeder that takes your bird pix at the perfect time and better yet, sends them via a Twitter stream! (Squirrel repellent was not addressed…)
  5. Tangicode – Teaching kids to learn code in a fun and interactive way.
  6. Lyfe Loop – A biometric trigger to start recording on Glass to capture life’s moments.
  7. Buildz-a-Bot – Empowering children to modify their robots to match their own imaginations.
  8. Gather – Monthly packages of local products for local people delivered by bike.
  9. Right Wrap – Gift wrapping stretchable and reusable fabric to combat the enemy of wrapping paper.
  10. PedSights – Wearable sensors to aid in the proper diagnosis of children suffering form Epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury and Tremors.
  11. Vice Grips – Wrap to protect hands from calluses caused by Cross Fit and Kettle Bell training regimens.
  12. Keyleaf – A combination of key ring and wallet to eliminate the problems of classical key rings.
  13. Roam – A wireless child bracelet that alarms if your child strays too far.
  14. Smoke Signal – Drones used for emergency rescue that can drop emergency supplies or hover to pinpoint location of needed service. Who let a drone loose in HQ Raleigh?
  15. See-U – A “healfie” to track health over time by taking images of body parts as well as creating personal data.

(One team pivoted too late and had to pull out…)

Winning Teams

  • 1st Place – Roam – Best demo and use of advertising in-house during the event.
  • 2nd Place – Can Impact
  • 3rd Place – Smoke Signal – Pivoted at ~7pm on Saturday! Great recovery.
  • Crowd Choice – Roam
  • DX Lab Design, Design Sprint Award – Paparazzi Feeder

Pictures from Maker Weekend

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition Team Location Diagram at HQ Raleigh

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition  Teams meeting

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition Beta Box by BetaVersity

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition TSW Cookie press by Archana Gowda

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition  Prepping for presentations

Triangle Startup Weekend Maker Edition Standing Room Only

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