Gold Sponsor – DZone

Cary, NC – We are proud and excited to announce that DZone is sponsoring Triangle Open Data Day at the Gold sponsorship level.

DZone is located in Cary, NC and is a big part of the Tech and entrepreneurial community in the Triangle.

For over 15 years, DZone has produced and published valuable content for its global audience of software developers and architects.  DZone produces and shares useful content through its resource portals feature a mix of daily news, articles, video interviews, tutorials, and reviews written by leading industry experts on topics such as HTML5MobileNoSQLBig Data, and more.  Developers have long relied on resources like DZone RefcardzDZone Snippets, and theDZone Library to stay on top of the latest tech trends.  For sharing knowlege within organizations, DZone created AnswerHub, a cloud-based enterprise knowledge sharing platform that starts with a familiar question-and-answer format and adds the best features of wikis, forums, search and social networks.