NC Datapalooza

Raleigh, NC – So have you heard about NC Datapalooza? NC Datapalooza had their initial event last year starting with DataJam in April 2013 and ending with the final Datapalooza competition in September 2013. The Datapalooza process is created to develop viable commercial enterprises that are based on the consumption of Open Data. (Disclosure, I was part of the winning team for Datapalooza 2013)

NC Datapalooza will run their next round starting on April 10th with an educational event, a first weekend team event on May 16-17 and a final competition in September 2014.

Why not get a jump on NC Datapalooza by attending Triangle Open Data Day (TODD)? You can learn about Open Data and tools to help you at the TODD education and hacker tracks. You can find out about what data sets are available as Open Data and try out your team at the TODD hackathon – you don’t have to work on the idea you are thinking of for Datapalooza…

TODD Registration Site

Representatives of NC Datapalooza will be attending TODD and will be very willing to give you more information about the Datapalooza process (or you can read about my experience here – We also had a chance to pitch to the CED Venture Conference!).

Useful Links:

Here is a data set I’m thinking about: 2 weeks ago and again this week, DOT, Raleigh, Cary, etc. had crews positioned in strategic locations so they would be on hand to treat known icy spots. We need a data set for the geolocations of known icy spots so an app could route you around them at the onset of bad weather… (maybe even get the known flooding spots as well for rainy days…)

OK, so if you were caught on the road in the Triangle today after say 2pm, all the roads were a parking lot. Makes me think of 2005, but at least the schools were closed and the kids were at home…