Presenting Sponsor – MetLife

Cary, NC – We are proud to announce MetLife as the Presenting Sponsor for Triangle Open Data Day. Metlife is well known for their civic involvement in the community. MetLife is making a huge investment in the Triangle with their new campus in Cary, NC, and now with Triangle Open Data Day. Their involvement in Triangle Open Data Day will add prestige to the flourishing Open Data movement in the Triangle.

On the same day in November that MetLife broke ground on their new Cary, NC campus, MetLife also ran the very successful TechJam in support of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). MetLife brought more than seventy-five technologists to the RTP headquarters to develop innovative solutions to improve the coordination of health care for U.S. military veterans. (Read more in the WSJ Article MetLife Assembles Technology Elites to Help U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Break Down Barriers to Improve Veteran Care)

Metlife Twitter Campaign for Hiring Our HeorsJust this week, MetLife ran a successful Twitter campaign in support of Hiring Our Heros.

We are thankful to have MetLife as the Presenting Sponsor of Triangle Open Data Day