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TransLōc Releases New App

Raleigh, NC – TransLōc has released a rider-centric iOS app appropriately called Rider. Rider combines all bus agency routes into one screen that shows you the location of the closest bus stop and when the buses will arrive. The user can set alerts so that they will be notified when the bus is arriving at the stop. No more hanging out at the bus stop to make sure that you don’t miss the next bus, you can sit and enjoy your coffee

What is TransLōc?

TransLōc’s mission is to revolutionize transit for riders.

TransLōc was founded in 2004 to empower mass transit agencies and riders with the best possible location technology. We combine innovative hardware with easy-to-use products to answer the questions that matter most: Where’s my bus? And when will it arrive at my stop?

Why Release Rider?

TransLoc Rider App showing closest stop and bus arrival times

TransLōc Rider App showing closest stop and bus arrival times.

The new app gives a much better experience for the rider. With improvements in mobile technology TransLōc is able to build on these new platforms to provide an app that is 100% focused on the user.

TransLōc reports that the original app will be discontinued at some point in the future when the users have mostly migrated to the new app.

Rider is only available for the iOS platform at present, and TransLōc is working on releasing an Android version soon.

TransLōc Coverage in NC

The following Transit Systems in NC use TransLōc:

  • Capital Area Transit – Raleigh, NC
  • Cary Transit
  • Chapel Hill Transit
  • Duke University
  • Durham Area Transit
  • North Carolina State University
  • Triangle Transit – Research Triangle, NC

What Do You Think?

What do you think of the new app? (iOS users only right now…) With the increase in helpful information from this App would you be more likely to ride transit?

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