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Durham Discusses Open Data

Durham, NC – At the November 4, 2013 work session of the Durham County Commissioners, Deputy County Manager Lee Worsley and CIO Greg Marrow gave a  presentation on Open Data.  Durham City and Durham County have been collaborating on understanding Open Data since April of this year.

In his comments at the beginning of the meeting, Andy Krzmarzick told how he approached Deputy County Manager Lee Worsley with a vision of Durham being recognized as an innovation leader by opening data sets. The idea took hold and now Durham has their own Code for America Brigade including more than 50 individuals, entrepreneurs and City and County leaders.

In their presentation Open Data / Government, An Introduction, Lee Worsley and Greg Marrow pointed out how Open Data fits into item 5 of the current County Strategic Plan; “Accountable, Efficient and Visionary Government”.

The proposal for Open Data is that Durham City and Durham County form a partnership, adopt a common Open Data Policy and create a single portal for access to both City & County data.  With the unique situation that the City and County share basically the same geographic boundaries, this makes tremendous sense.

The presentation was well received by the commissioners based on the comments following the presentation. We look forward to Durham adopting an Open Data policy and adding many data sets and additional vibrancy to the Open Data ecosystem in the Triangle.

The video and audio of pertinent parts of the meeting can be found at the following links:

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Triangle Open Data Day has been announced for February 22-23, 2014. Details can be found on the Triangle Open Data Day Website.

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