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Recap of NCDevCon2013

Raleigh, NC – Article contributed by Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana attended NCDevCon2013 and he gave us a summary of his experience:

The talks I attended were very good. The speakers were well versed with vast experience in their field. It was good to learn how others solve problems inside their own teams and companies. The presentations give you perspective and ideas on solving your own problems in a different way or just to validate that you see that you are doing it, in essence, in the same way.

The opening keynote was about Adobe ColdFusion (CF) which is the first time I heard about the product. I know I think I was the only one that didn’t know that NCDevCon history was about CF development, but I didn’t know because most the of the presentations on their website were about HTML 5, JavaScript, and mobile development.

Conference Sessions

Raymond Camden from Adobe gave a two hour workshop on PhoneGap. PhoneGap builds on the open source project Apache Cordova which I’m a contributor. He explained the basic concepts of developing a mobile web App and the ability to package it as a native App for smartphones. Raymond also explained some of the features provided by Adobe PhoneGap Build like remote builds and ability to have your App tested by others.

Adrian Pomilio lives here in North Carolina and is great developer, designer, and speaker. He talked about one of the topics I’m also currently working on “The JavaScript – the Stack”. He gave an overview on how JavaScript can be use on the back end server, command lines tools, and hardware hacking like NodeCopter. He went to explain some of the new JavaScript command line tools that help web developers build Apps faster and be more productive by staying on the same language to accomplish different tasks. Tools like Bower, GruntJS, Yeoman, and Johnny-Five allow developers to use JavaScript for everything.

Steve Keaton gave a talk about the new version of BootStrap 3. Steve presented multiple examples showing the different components and answering questions from audience. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about bootstrap it was a very helpful session. The version of BootStrap 3 is a re-architecture based on best practices for responsive design.  Mostly it uses CSS but it also provides JavaScript components that are also based on responsive design principles. BootStrap 3 is major step forward on better Websites and Mobile Apps, since it takes a mobile first approach. You can read about what’s new on BootStrap 3.

There were more sessions on Cloud, Deployment and User Experience. You can check the topics online on the NCDevCon schedule. All sessions are also free to watch online.

Personal Highlights

My personal highlights:

  • Topics were very relevant to new Web Development technologies and tools
  • Free Beer on networking event
  • Driving distance from home @ NCSU facilities

Definitely I will be attending again next year.

Connect with Carlos on Twitter – @csantanapr