Punkin’ Chuck at Lazy Daze

Cary, NC – Story by Tech Tank Managing Partner Ian Henshaw

2013-08-24 07.59.27

The Technology Tank Team put together a Trebuchet in a couple of hours on the hot, humid weekend before Lazy Daze. We were under pressure to get a demo unit to display to the huge crowds of Lazy Daze.

Scrap lumber from under Tech Tank Fellow Jamie Dixon‘s deck and a blueprint that was partially in several of our heads developed into a Trebuchet (and we also burned out several of Jamie’s power tools putting this together…, sorry Jamie).  

Tech Tank Managing Partner Hal Goodtree stopped by to document the effort (and to try and figure out what we were doing).

TT Trebuchet

Building the Trebuchet with an onlooker wearing a Cary Open Data Day T-shirt!

Well we built the Trebuchet for display and it might even work… But you have time. You can do research, perform calculations and do a proper design layout and build process – There is lots of information available on the Internet.

The Tech Tank Trebuchet might be able to throw a pumpkin, but your designs will be much better for distance and accuracy!

Put a team together, plan properly and make sure you keep safe during the process (safety glasses, gloves, closed-toed shoes, etc.)  We look forward to seeing you on the Pumpkin’ Chuck Field of Glory!