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Morrisville Discusses Open Data

Morrisville, NC – At the Morrisville Town Council Meeting on August 27, 2013, Morrisville Council Member Steve Rao led a discussion on a Smart Cities Open Data Initiative (Audio file 53:17-1:06:53). Steve would like Morrisville to join in the regional efforts about Open Data, and thinks Morrisville needs to adopt an Open Data Policy. Councilor Rao added that Open Data can bring increased citizen engagement and economic development to Morrisville.

Councilor Rao suggested that Morrisville could link the Open Data effort to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding (Briefing Sheet 2013-069), to bring data that would enable the commission to make better and more informed decisions. The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding was discussed at the Council meeting (Public Address 21:10-24:37, Council Comments 25:20-30:48).

Morrisville staff has worked on a Morrisville Data Portal prototype with Jason Hare, a Morrisville resident and the Open Data Program Manager in Raleigh, NC. This portal included CAMPO data that had been transformed to be machine readable.

Councilor Rao recommended that the Council direct staff to investigate an Open Data Initiative for Morrisville and come back with a briefing – a recommendation supported by a majority of the Council. The briefing is expected to include:

  • Pros/cons of Open Data
  • Recommendations with options for Council to consider
  • An Open Data Resolution
  • Cost information

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Previous Discussions in Morrisville

The discussion on August 27, was preceded by the Smarter Cities and Open Data discussion that Councilor Rao brought before the Morrisville Council on May 28, 2013.  Prior documents and reporting: