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Cary Forms a Code for America Brigade

Cary, NC – The Code for America civic movement started in Raleigh and is rapidly spreading through the Triangle. There is strength in numbers and we all feel that the issues we want to solve, we want to solve on a regional basis. A state wide basis would be even better.

Cary Brigade Meeting

Cary’s brigade has started with finding several volunteers to be Brigade Captains. The Cary Brigade will hold a kick-off meeting on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 starting at 7:00 PM (EST) in Cary. The information is loaded in the Triangle Code for America Meetup Site. Register and join the Cary Code for America Brigade.

What is next for the Triangle?

Durham and Morrisville are also in the process of forming Brigades. The plan may be to form a Code for America Division for the Triangle, something that does not yet exist in the Code for America structure.  The Triangle Region would then apply to be a Code for America City in 2015 with support from the municipalities of the Triangle.

If this sounds cool, then join the Brigade in your Town or City, or help to form one.

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