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RGreenway Expands to Include Cary

Cary, NC – There is good news today for everyone in the Triangle. The RGreenway App has been updated to include all of the 68-miles of greenways in Cary.

Previous to today only the Raleigh greenways were shown and the Raleigh boundaries were like the end of the word for greenway users. Now the greenways are continuous on the App all over Raleigh and Cary. This is a great step forward. We look forward to all the Triangle area greenways being added over time.

RGreenway Development

RGreenway was the winning proposal of CityCamp Raleigh in 2012. The application is not a product of the City of Raleigh. It was created by the RGreenway team and was built using open data available through the official Raleigh Geoportal.

RGreenway is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s free. Visit RGreenway and get the app for yourself. If you already have the RGreenway App, then you will need to update to version 2.0 to see the Cary greenways.

What is CityCamp?

From the CityCamp Website we find the following:

CityCamp is an unconference focused on innovation for municipal governments and community organizations. As an unconference, content for CityCamp is not programmed for a passive audience. Instead, content is created and organized by participants and coordinated by facilitators. Participants are expected to play active roles in sessions. This provides an excellent format for creative, open exchange geared toward action.

When is the next CityCamp in NC?

CityCamp Raleigh has recently become CityCamp NC to be more of a state wide initiative. The next CityCamp NC is scheduled for May 30-31, 2013.

If you have the skills and interest you will not want to miss the upcoming CityCamp NC so register today. Who knows what new cool Apps will come out of CityCamp this Year!