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Raleigh Opens Data

Raleigh, NC – On Friday, March 15, 2013, Raleigh announced the launching of an Open Data Hub, Open Raleigh. While it has been released in a Beta form, this effort has the promise of creating a unified data platform across municipalities in the Triangle and hopefully ultimately across North Carolina.

We at Technology Tank look forward to working with Raleigh and other municipalities to make the data we all own to be open for self-service access while making sure that personally identifiable information is kept secure.

UPDATE: Raleigh Open Data Portal The naked link is: https://data.raleighnc.gov/

Open Raleigh
City of Raleigh Geoportal
News & Observer Article

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  1. Jason Hare
    Jason Hare says:

    Ian thank you for the well written piece on Raleigh’s new open data portal. A lot of folks and ideas came together to make this happen. I look forward to building a triangle wide network of data with everyone at the Tech Tank!

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