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Technology in Action

Cary, NC – Technology in action.  A view from a Town Council meeting in Cary, NC.  A 3-part play.

First, on the consent agenda, an action to participate in the Gig.U process to help create a Request for Proposals for the construction of a high speed (gigabit) fiber network by a private company.  APPROVED

Second, a report by Scott Fogelman, the Budget Director for the Town of Cary.  Public input into the budget process was reported.  This is the first year that the Town of Cary solicited input for the budget via Social Media.  The Town asked for input via an e-mail address, a voice mailbox and now via the Town’s FaceBook page and Twitter Feed.  To date there are 18 citizen inputs:

  • E-mail – 10
  • FaceBook – 4
  • Twitter – 4

Proof of the power of social media?

Third, the approval of an Open Data Resolution for the Town of Cary.  APPROVED

A good day for Technology in Cary.

UPDATE – Watch the Council discussion of the Open Data Resolution. Discussion starts at 35:46 and ends at 41:40

UPDATE 2 – Watch the Operations Committee discussion of the Gig.U project.  Discussion starts at 2:05 and ends at 3:20

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    • Ian Henshaw
      Ian Henshaw says:

      There are many people in the Town of Cary that are happy that the Town is moving forward on Open Data and Technology issues. I have updated the post to include links to the YouTube videos where these items were discussed by the Town Council.

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